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About the Company


The company was founded in the autumn of 1993 under the trading name Guseppe a.s. The first pizzas under the brand Guseppe were delivered to the market in late 1994. The company has achieved in a short time a dominant position on the Czech and Slovak markets. In 1997 Norwegian company Orkla Foods bought the company. Under the new owner the Company has successfully expanded into neighbouring countries. In the following years, the production of sweet and savoury frozen dumplings, turnovers and cones Guseppe began, now known under the name Don Peppe.

In the period 2008 – 2010 the company was part of the group Dr. Oetker. In 2010 the management of the company in collaboration with a group of foreign investors bought the company back from Dr. Oetker.

Today, the FrostFood Company is the leader of the domestic market of frozen dumplings and successfully exports to the European market (e.g. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain).

Don Peppe

Don Peppe is a strong Czech brand of food, especially in the category of frozen dumplings, turnovers and cones. It places emphasis on traditional recipes, quality ingredients and simple preparation.

The brand Don Peppe is a result of combining 20 years of experience with innovative practices in the development and production with an emphasis on the health benefits of the product.


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Why with us?

Flexibility – the company satisfies the needs of more than 50 clients from large international chains to small and family businesses.

Individual approach – the company is able to adapt to customer’s formulation of its products or develop a completely new product.

Food quality and safety – the company holds international quality certificates IFS and BRC and is open to customer audits.

The broad portfolio of products – the company manufactures more than 200 products in all price ranges and flavour variations.

Tradition and experiences – we have been on the market for 20 years.