Quality and Innovation

We continuously innovate our products with respect to modern trends while preserving the highest quality.

Innovation and Certificates

We pay extraordinary attention to the control of raw materials and entire production processes.
We are holders of international quality certificates IFS and BRC. We regularly pass customer audits. We are continuously thinking about what our customers want and trying to meet your expectations with frequent innovations. Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic awarded us the Best Innovation Product Award for our Don Peppe Gluten Free dumpling with strawberries in 2017.


  • Internal food safety and quality assurance mechanisms are set according to the requirements of IFS standards. HACCP is fully implemented.

  • Organoleptic tests are performed by trained personnel with the appropriate certificate.

  • Raw materials and packaging materials are only taken from approved suppliers. We perform external quality audits with our suppliers.

  • Regular inspections of operations and internal audits are carried out.

  • Before entering the factory, all raw materials and packaging materials are subject to income control.

  • Quality staff have rich experience and take part in external training every year.

  • We perform inter-operation and outgoing control of products.

  • We are following new trends in food safety and quality.

  • Each batch of products is tested in an internal laboratory for microbiological and organoleptic parameters. The internal laboratory regularly performs comparative tests.

  • The production plant is subject to regular inspections of the State Veterinary Administration and the State Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority.

  • We cooperate with external accredited laboratories.